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What We Are

Lighting transforms spaces. People-centric designs are known
to uplift work spaces into zones of creativity and innovation,
there by enhancing performance and inspiring employees.

Light Beyond


The quality of lighting has a direct impact on the emotional
and mental well-being of people. Appropriate lighting results
in improved quality of life, creativity and productivity

Infusing Energy and Vitality

  • Optimal Lighting and Visual Comfort
  • Human Centric Lighting
  • Personal Control
  • Crafting A Distinct Signature

  • High Quality Design
  • Enhancing Architecture
  • Variable Lighting Scenes
  • Sustainability

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Investment and Maintenance
  • Leed Certification
  • Connected Lighting

  • Activity-based Lighting
  • Daylight Harvesting
  • Time Scheduling
  • About Us

    RIPPL Lighting is a design and manufacturing studio that specializes in architectural lighting design and custom-made lighting products with an innovative approach

    We integrate the latest lighting technology, design and quality to light up spaces in an aesthetic and sustainable way providing an end-to-end solution to our clients – including services like lighting concepts, lighting simulation, product design & manufacturing, supply, installation and handover.

    The key to our success lies in our in-depth knowledge of lighting design, electronics and manufacturing materials.


    LumenArch is our range of customized architectural and technical lighting products. The lighting requirements differ from project to project. That is why we create a totally individual lighting solution for you, customized to your space. Our products help in creating the right lighting mood, without restricting the creative freedom.

    Inspirations is our range of imported designer lighting products, sourced from across the globe in record time, by our in-house supply chain and sourcing team.

    ‘Crafting Journey’ is our range of craft-based lighting products that are hand-crafted and developed by in-house artists and our cluster of skilled craftsmen that we have developed across the country. Our aim for this product range is to keep the rich heritage of Indian handicraft intact while adapting contemporary designs for modern workspaces

    At RIPPL Lighting, we transform spaces through the power of lighting.

    We design and develop concepts, services, solutions and products that seamlessly harmonize magnificent looks, health, comfort and unmatched versatility.

    Our Expertise

    With over a decade of experience in lighting up commercial spaces RIPPL offers an end-to-end solution, in partnership with our global aliates and the shared knowledge. Our forte is to provide customer centric solutions and products, be it by building new products using innovative designs and material or by using the best available ready solutions.

    Work Spaces


    Leisure Hotels

     Hospitally & SPAs


    Retail & Display


    Facades & Monuments

    Facades & Monuments

    Educational Institutions


    Factories, Cleanroom &Warehouse

    Art & Culture

    Museums & Art Galleries

    Our Technology Partners

    Pairing smarter design with sustainable technology. our LEDs are created to enhance the way you experience your space.

    Our LEDs incorporate more colors, including an optimal balance of red and blue wavelengths. This provides an overall sense of wellbeing and enhances the appearance of interiors – making everything look more natural.

    All our LEDs are binned to a 4-step McAdam Ellipse tolerance for minimizing the colour differences. Higher specifications are also available as per requirement.

    We have partnered with the most trusted electronic driver manufacturers to provide ever-evolving lighting products that are intelligently controlled to enhance the quality of light in energy-efficient and sustainable ways.

    Our products are seamlessly integrated with leading dimming and automation systems, to reduce the time spent on troubleshooting and provide flicker-free, deep dimming capabilities.


    Building Intelligence with Light Internet of Things (IoT) lighting solutions bring connectivity to devices that were previously not connected and provide data through the connection.

    An IoT lighting system also enables one device to talk with another device. Connectivity and communication can happen between devices within the lighting system and between lighting devices and non-lighting devices. Within lighting, such communication can be accomplished through lighting controls and by the use of sensors. differences. Higher specifications are also available as per requirement.

    Our products work seamlessly with most of the Building Management Systems and lot products

    Delighted to Co-Create

    Every lighting solution is geared towards comfort and operational efficiency

    We partner with designers to bring their ideas to life through product creation, while ensuring that our products are efficient, reliable and sustainable.

    Service & Support

    Product Support

    Warranty Support
    On-call Post-warranty Support
    Annual Maintenance
    Extended Warranty Program

    Design Support

    Energy Efficient Lighting Design
    Preparing BOQ & Budgets
    ROI Calculations

    Touch & Feel

    Product Experience Centre
    Mock-up at customer location
    Proof of concept

    Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

    Energy Audit
    LED Retrofit
    LED Refurbishment


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