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OLA is a round-shaped, wide-lighting luminaire, with a timeless design that most definitely enhances the beauty of any space with its uniform lighting and cozy ambience.

The sleek and circular form of OLA just always complements the room concept perfectly- be it surface mounted, ceiling recessed or suspended pendent style.

Integrating technology, design and energy efficiency - OLA is a perfect cost- effective LED luminaire that can blend well in a work area or stand out gloriously in a conference room.

Timeless Elegance

OLA represents sophistication. The everlasting simplistic circular fixture, powered with an advanced lighting technology makes it a perfect lighting solution. This fixture can be customised to suit the interiors basis the acoustics, the aesthetics and the required light levels.

Universal Appeal

The simple and minimalistic design coupled with its crisp silhouettes lend a unique identity to the space

Natural, Soft Lighting

The diffusive and comfortable lighting helps create an ambiance that uplifts one's mood and enhances productivity

Sleek Design

With its clear edges and slim look, OLA adapts to a variety of room concepts.

Advanced LED technology

Given the round and wide shape, this luminaire boasts of uniform distribution of light. The soft shadows and cosy ambience of this fixture provides an illuminated ceiling effect like the sky.

Customised As Per Interiors

OLA is available in recessed and ceiling installations as per the requirement of space interiors and required light levels. Several variants of OLA in terms of size, colour temperature and housing colours will leave you spoilt for choice.


The anti-glare LRO optics variant ensures there are no glaring reflections on the computer screen that may interfere with your work and strain the eyes

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